Cohesive Tape Dispensers

cohesive-tape-dispenser-RyandraStainless steel tape dispensers are suitable for any environment, including clean rooms, manufacturing, and industrial locations. The dispensers handle tape rolls up to 12.5” in diameter (~2000’ of tape).

Dispenser Key Features:

  1. Superior Service Life– our dispensers are easy to maintain and have easily installed serviceable parts.  Spare Parts and Technical Support are both available by calling our Customer Service Department.
  2. Multiple Modes of Operation – Unit can be instantaneously switched between the three modes of operation:
    • Manual Mode– Operator presses the run / stop button as tape is needed.
    • Demand Mode– Tape is dispensed automatically after an operator removes the current band from the dispenser fixture.
    • Auto Mode– Easily programs to create the perfect band. Simply choose the band length to be dispensed, and then choose whether bands should be dispensed continuously or sequentially according to a pre-set time delay.

Design – Automatic Tape Dispenser DM200

The flexible and modular design of Model # DM200 allows for a wide range of use for the medical device manufacturer. Constructed of Stainless Steel, Anodized Aluminum and Delrin Plastic it delivers medical grade tape, cohesive tape efficiently and accurately.


Length: 38 cm (15 in.)
Width: 12 cm (4 in.)
Height: 17 cm (6 in.)
Weight: 12 lbs.


  1. Digital Input of required tape lengths from 25mm (1 in.) to 610mm (24 in.)
  2. Operator enters desired time delay between dispensing next cut from 0.1 secs. to 15 secs.

The unique “hands free” design feature automatically feeds, cuts, and presents the cut length of latex free cohesive tape for operator removal in pre-set lengths at pre-set time intervals. Upon removal of the cut length of tape, Model # DM200 automatically recycles itself – providing another cut length of tape for operator removal.

It can be operated in any of its three modes and can be switched from mode-to-mode with the press of a button.

Contact Ryandra with questions and for ordering information about our Cohesive Tape Dispensers.

OEM # Description Accommodates Rolls Up To
DM200 110V Tape Dispenser – Horizontal Arm 1000′
DM200 220V Tape Dispenser – Horizontal Arm 1000′
DMEX200 110V Tape Dispenser – Vertical Arm 2000′
DMEX200 220V Tape Dispenser – Vertical Arm 2000′